ukranian sisters

Supporting Our Ukranian Sisters

We need your help to be able to provide support to our Ukranian sisters that have started to arrive in Malta.

The funds will help us organise any supplies they require since they have left the country with very little of their belongings.

Most of them are arriving with their kids and without their partners which makes it even harder on them to start.

Our main focus will be to cover their basic needs including food, toiletries and anything they need to settle in the place they are living in for themselves and their children.

We are also happy to receive food vouchers as well as personal hygiene items.

These women and children have been through a horrible ordeal. Let us continue to come together to make their stay in Malta as welcoming and comforting as possible during this hard time.

You may send your monetary donations by clicking the PayPal link below. Alternatively, if you’d like to donate other items or vouchers, kindly contact us. Thank you.