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One-Time Donation

Send a one-time donation to the Women for Women Foundation

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Donate Monthly

Set up a recurring monthly donation to the Women for Women Foundation and make a difference in the lives of women and children in need

Donate by SMS

Send your donation by SMS through the following numbers:

50617922   –   €4.66
50619267    –   €11.65

Donate by BOV Pay

Send your donation by BOV Pay on mobile number 99374816

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Bank Transfer Donations

Send your donation through a bank transfer using the following IBAN number MT46VALL22013000000050011323302 (BOV)

Other Ways of Donating
Cheque Donations

Cheques can be addressed to Women for Women Foundation and sent by mail to 131, Triq il-Madonna tal-Gebla, Gzira

Gift Donations

Collect money from a group of friends, instead of a birthday gift or even for your own wedding instead of giving souvenirs.

Items & Vouchers

Donate food, detergent, or other vouchers; or alternatively donate these items. You can also donate second-hand good-condition items.