Crafting Narratives

Lisa Gwen Chetcuti
Lisa Gwen Chetcuti – Curator & Editor

Lisa Gwen is a curator of words and an editor of spaces. Her work and projects are the outcomes of these often overlapping and interchangeable roles which deal with space and its distribution; with aesthetics and design; interpretation and experience. One focuses on words and type, and the other on artworks and installations. Both create images and visuals; both deal with narratives.

Besides an innate passion related to all fields of visual art, Lisa loves playing ‘local tourist’. She explores sites and spaces, scrutinising the natural, the built, and the other landscapes through a camera lens. She has an ever-increasing hunger to make and create, to utilise her written voice visually. She is a feminist, an activist and an aesthete with an incessant need to share, communicate, inspire and inform.

Lisa Gwen has a background in art history, cultural management, media and communications, project management and development.


(Photo Credit: Therese Debono)

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