Therese Debono

Therese Debono

Therese Debono is a documentary photographer covering places, the streets and portraiture: endangered places, local interiors, and documentary portraiture are amongst the subjects she explores and interprets. Her personal projects include Maltese Interiors, Brides on Beds, Class of ‘93 and Portraits of Youth. The latter is a new project which she has started working on recently through her experience with students as a photography lecturer.


Her main work with places revolves around the loss of heritage in her country as well as the over-development that is currently ongoing that is destroying the spirit of the places that once were so powerful and unique on the island of Malta. Her work has been recognised locally and abroad and she strives to continue working in this field to preserve memories for future generations.


Therese grew up in Malta. She graduated from the University of Malta with an MFA in Digital Arts and an MA in Cultural Heritage. She currently lectures photography and cultural heritage units at MCAST Institute for Creative Arts, as well as photography units at the University of Malta within the departments of Communications and Digital Arts.


(Photo Credit: Dragana Rankovic)

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