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The Women for Women Group was set up on Facebook 6 years ago and has since then gathered over 43,000 followers. Perhaps the largest local community of women, the social media group has provided a space for women to speak freely, inform and be informed, seek advice and recommendations, give and receive support, and entertain one another. Arguably the most valuable outcome of the group is the way women come together to help other women in worse off situations. This is who we are. This is why we as women make great leaders. Whether we are overseeing the wellbeing of our family, leading small or big initiatives in our communities or leading at European level, we excel because we do it with care.

Women for Women became an informal civil society group that leads in the area of women supporting other women in the community. In August 2020 we registered the Women for Women Foundation, to legitimise and regularise the support initiatives for the community of disadvantaged women that it serves. Every week the Foundation supports at least 10 women and twice as many children who struggle to meet their most basic needs. We work closely with social workers to make urgent resources available for these families so they can move on, and move up out of poverty and into a self-sustainable life of dignity.

We cannot forget that it is the women of the Group that form the backbone of this Foundation. Without the generous giving and loving-kind care of the Women for Women group members, Women for Women Foundation could close its doors.

We are on the verge of starting a new year of support, where the Foundation aims to focus on helping women gain access to mentorship and educational opportunities, helping disadvantaged expectant and new mothers gain access to basic baby care needs and to support women in poverty gain access to reliable long-term contraception.

We are inviting you to become part of this success story, a supporter of the great work that our staff, volunteers and mentors at the Foundation carry out daily. With your Women for Women Membership donation you will be doing your bit towards another year of giving a hand-up to disadvantaged women in our community. We can’t do it without you!

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