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Women for Women Foundation launches ‘Women’s Wishes’

Women for Women Foundation


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Women for Women Foundation launches ‘Women’s Wishes’

The Women for Women Foundation is hoping to raise €5,000 to make Christmas dreams come true for women who may be going through a difficult time through it’s new initiative ‘Women’s Wishes.’

“We women all know that when we are hard up we are always the ones to go without and we always put our children first and remain without ourselves. We don’t complain but it does stress us out and take its toll on us.” Foundation founder, Francesca Fenech Conti said.

Women’s Wishes aims to fulfil the Christmas wishes of women who put themselves last way too often, who are lonely and may not be receiving any gifts this Christmas, or women who work hard for the empowerment of others.

The Foundation strongly believes that families and communities benefit when women’s development, wellbeing and happiness are made a priority.

The Women for Women Foundation was founded as a result of the popular Facebook group Women for Women, which was set up in 2015 by Francesca Fenech Conti. Through this all female group, many previously voiceless and marginalised women were given a voice and certain previously undiscussed issues were brought to light. Women came together to support one another, and a sense of community and belonging was built. The group now has over 37,000 female members and is living proof that “when women support women, incredible things happen”.

In November 2019, a group of members from Women for Women got together to make this foundation a reality – a foundation which will cater specifically for the needs of girls, women and their children. The Women for Women Foundation is a registered Voluntary Organisation and manages the Women for Women Social Fund, which supports women and their families through difficult times. We work hand in hand with experts in the fields of domestic violence, homelessness, and mental health to ensure the progression and independence of women in society.

The campaign is split into two: first it will gather nominations for eligible recipients and then it will target fundraising to grant the wishes. Women may be nominated by their social workers or other professionals. All applications will undergo a selection process to ensure that they meet the selection criteria.

The final Wishes will be uploaded on our Facebook page and website, allowing potential donors to identify the wishes they would like to support whether in part or full. Corporate donors are invited to support the initiative by making monetary donations or donating their products or services by contacting [email protected]. Further information about this project is available on our Facebook page, our website and our Zaar fundraising page www.zaar.com.mt/projects/womens-wishes-2020.

For further information kindly contact Francesca Fenech Conti at [email protected].