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What if you could make someone’s Christmas a little bit better?

Women for Women Foundation’s Christmas Initiative: ‘Women’s Wishes’

Practitioners and professionals have been sending in nominations with inspiring stories of women, who despite their struggles, are working hard to overcome difficult life circumstances. This often means that they focus all their energy on their children and on creating a more stable future, sometimes forgetting themselves in the process. But what if together we could let them know we think they are precious and thought of too?


“We women all know that when we are hard up we are always the ones to go without and we always put our children first and remain without ourselves. We don’t complain but it does stress us out and take its toll on us.” – Foundation founder, Francesca Fenech Conti.


“Diane’s* case is one of the most serious cases of Domestic Violence I have ever had. She has 3 kids with challenging behaviour, but she is a total warrior who has little time & money for herself.”

– Diane’s wish is a hair salon voucher.


“Alison* has suffered a lot in her life. She works many hours and struggles to make friends. I’m nominating her because it would be great to remind Alison that she is a special and valuable woman.”

 – Alison’s wish is a perfumery voucher


Women’s Wishes aims to fulfil the Christmas wishes of women who put themselves last way too often, who are lonely and may not be receiving any gifts this Christmas, or women who work hard for the empowerment of others.


“Anette* is an amazing teacher and gives her best to all her students. Last year she lost a student to cancer. She had given her heart to her student and his family. This would be such a well deserved treat for a really special woman.”

Wish: Voucher for a spa


“Sharon* has been through hell and back to get out of a dominant violent marriage and is now struggling from rock bottom to raise her child. She often forgets what a kind and gentle soul she is and that she is deserving of good things in life.

– Sharon’s wish is a voucher for winter clothes


The Foundation strongly believes that families and communities benefit when women’s development, wellbeing and happiness are made a priority. With your donation, Women for Women Foundation can grant the nominees their wishes. A personalised handwritten note of encouragement will be included with each gift to let the recipient know she is thought of.


“Angela* has 2 toddlers and is living in a shelter. Her children are her priority and she never buys anything for herself. To add insult to injury, because she works, she does not usually qualify for similar initiatives. She is a hardworking mum and her aim is to give her children a home.”

– Angela’s wish is a hairdryer


These and other wishes can be found by visiting the Women’s Wishes album on our Facebook page.

Donations can be made via SMS Donation Numbers: 50617922 for €4.66 or 50619267 for €11.65 or via our crowdfunding page Zaar www.zaar.com.mt/projects/womens-wishes-2020.

Corporate donors are invited to support the initiative by making monetary donations or donating their products or services by contacting [email protected]. Further information about this project is available on our Facebook page, our website and our ZAAR fundraising page www.zaar.com.mt/projects/womens-wishes-2020.

women's wishes

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