Roseanne’s Fund

Roseanne* is a mother with very young children, the youngest is just a few months old and already suffers from asthma. She is a survivor of domestic violence, and is trying extremely hard to budget her little income to make the food last and pay her rent and bills. The violence she has endured has left her in financial ruin, making her path back to stability a very difficult one. Her youngest child is sick and needs frequent visits to the health centre, effectively keeping Roseanne out of work since she is the only caregiver for her child.

With so little money to go around, nothing is left with which to repair things when they break or wear out. Roseanne has been washing clothes by hand for many weeks because since moving to her home she has not had the money to buy a washing machine or install the water supply and drain for it. Now the fridge has stopped working and last week the top kitchen cabinets fell on her, injured her and broke the sink. Now she painfully washes the dishes in a basin. It’s easy to fall into despair when life throws one curve ball after the next, but Roseanne puts on a brave face and makes the best of her situation so her children don’t feel her real anxiety and worries.

Women for Women Foundation stepped in to help Roseanne after receiving a referral from her social worker. With the support of V.Demajo & Bros. Ltd we have provided Roseanne with a washing machine and we will be delivering various needed baby equipment that has been donated to us. But Roseanne needs a lot more help. The washing machine cannot be connected until the works for water supply and drain are done. The washing machine will need to be put on a balcony and it needs a weather-proof cabinet. Roseanne is forced to spend more than she needs to on food because she must buy it day to day from local groceries since she does not have a fridge freezer to stop it from perishing. She needs her kitchen cabinets replaced since they are falling apart and she is in need of other items like towels, sheets, pillows and blankets.

Despite barely keeping her head out of the water, Roseanne dreams of the day when she is able to work to give her children everything they need. She tearfully explained how important her children are to her, and how heart-breaking it is to see them go without. She has slept hungry to make sure her children were well fed. It is the pursuit of a better life for her children that drives Roseanne to look past the inherent shame that often comes with asking for help. And we cannot let her down.

If you would like to help Women for Women Foundation provide these basic needs for Roseanne and her children, please donate and type ‘Helping Roseanne’ in the description field.

* Name has been changed to keep anonymity.