Ilona Busby

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Chairperson & Co-Founder

I feel fortunate to have family and friends who always have my back whenever I need anything, but I am very aware that not everyone is the same, which inspires me to do what I do. I feel very passionate about helping and supporting others with anything, from a slight need to being there when they get a bad break in life.

I believe that my persistent character and a natural ability to want to organise and follow up on anything put my way have given me the strength and capability to do what can sometimes be very emotionally challenging. Over time, I have also realised that by taking the initiative to help others, I inspire many people I know to do the same. I feel humbled by their trust and willingness to support anything I am willing to do when it comes to helping those in need.

After working with Francesca Fenech Conti and becoming good friends, we helped a lot of families behind the scenes together through the Women for Women group and Malta Charity Central (Founder from 2012) before the Foundation was formed, leading to myself being the co-founder of the Foundation and chairperson today. I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to do this with Francesca, whom I have come to greatly admire since she set up the Women for Women page. It takes a lot of time, personal sacrifice and passion to do what she has done for so many women, days and hours on end.

I am also the founder of YPA, where I offer Personal Assistance. I am also passionate about connecting people and using this strength to assist my clients with the Recruitment process. Last year, we agreed on a collaboration between YPA Recruit and the Women for Women Foundation, where a donation is given for every placement done. My main focus is on Administration and HR roles and Accounts on some occasions.

Founder, Malta Charity Central
March 2012 to present

This group was created to connect charities with Malta’s many generous individuals and companies. In a small community like ours, Ilona believes that Facebook, together with people’s input, can make a big difference in making this existing gap very small and making us all aware of what is happening and what is needed locally.

This group is intended to be used as a notice board for charities or individuals involved in any voluntary work to advise of any particular requirements/needs they may have and to announce and promote fund-raising events organised by charities.

Malta Charity Central led to Ilona getting personally involved in helping families in need, kids’ homes and shelters over the years and eventually teaming up with Francesca Fenech Conti to set up the Women for Women Foundation in 2019.

Founder, YPA and YPA Recruit
May 2009 to present

Ilona Busby is an organiser by nature. Her love and talent for coordinating events, projects and tasks made her the person to go to whenever business colleagues, friends or family required assistance in any feat that needed organisational skills. In fact, it was those closest to her that encouraged her to take her natural talent one step further. This led to the setup of YPA in 2009. Its main aim is to assist individuals and businesses in Malta in various tasks without long-term commitment. YPA’s ultimate objective is to make clients’ lives easier by giving them peace of mind that the delegated task is handled professionally and efficiently.

Due to the success of YPA and the relationship developed, several clients began requesting assistance with their recruitment needs, thus leading to the creation of YPA Recruit.

Ilona had over twelve years of experience specialising in HR, Finance and Personal Assistance before setting up YPA. This experience, combined with the right local contacts, a personal passion for organising events and a positive attitude, allows YPA to fulfil many requirements.

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