Francesca Sant

More About Francesca
Foundation Co-Ordinator

Francesca is a psychology graduate with a passion for mental health. She has experience in mental health rehabilitation within the community, where she has helped people learn or regain the necessary intra-personal and inter-personal skills to re-integrate into the community. She believes that mental health forms the basis of our wellbeing and should not be neglected. Apart from being non-judgmental, her experience in this field has allowed her to truly refine her listening and empathy skills.

Through her work Francesca had seen first-hand how some people end up in a cycle of struggling, which without the right help is very difficult to get out of. Through social media, particularly Women for Women, she saw even further how many women were struggling – with basic needs like housing and food, yet also with other more personal issues such as lack of confidence, loneliness, and anxiety. She always wondered what she could do to help, and this is what compelled her to join the foundation – she believes that their mission of empowering women is something very much needed.

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