Edmea Debattista

More About Edmea
Donations Co-Ordinator

Edmea is a charismatic and outgoing person who values life and treasures everyday as a gift. She always strives to learn new things through different experiences and people, and is always there to lend a helping hand when needed.

Edmea strongly believes in the power of women supporting each other – that when women unite together they can make their voices heard and with just small actions from each person, can make a huge impact to make the world a better place. This is why the mission and underlying principles of Women for Women Foundation inspired her – it is everything she always believed and wished for. She has always wanted to be able to do something bigger to help others, especially women and their children.

Edmea has had her fair share of life struggles, all whilst coping with motherhood and trying to take care of herself. She feels privileged and grateful that during her difficult stage of life, she had met the right women that pushed her forward and made her value her true worth. Getting through these life experiences has made her who she is today. These struggles, along with her personal qualities, make her a perfect fit for our foundation and our mission. Edmea is the embodiment of Women for Women: women doing their best efforts to help other women.

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