Anthea Brincat

More About Anthea
Scientific Officer


Anthea is a graduate in Veterinary Nursing, subjects studied included Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Issues at heart have always been the environment and animal’s rights however, in recent times she has shifted her energy and interests in activism for women’ rights, social causes, and all that
concerns the minorities.


Anthea believes everyone is of intrinsic value, thus each one person shall be heard and not misjudged as no story is the same. Having an ambitious character by nature, she is determined to overcome whatever obstacle comes her way.

She is very passionate about helping others, by giving them the knowledge, tools and guidance for them to succeed in life and most of all to feel content without constant worry and this is what Women for Women aspires to do and that is why she is grateful to be a part of it. A quote which she lives by is “if there’s a will there’s always a way.”

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