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Mia Anastasi Sammut from Bonnymia & Jennifer Zammit from Ole Macrame

Mumpreneur Mia Anastasi Sammut – Bonnymia

Mia Anastasi Sammut, the brainchild of Bonnymia, was born in Malta and moved to the UK at the age of 20. She is married to Manuel and is mum to nineteen-year-old Jean and nine-year-old Sofia.

Mia, a mumpreneur, creates luxury wooden hand-painted and hand-crafted serving bowls, utensils, boards, and paintings on wood panels. She draws inspiration from the strong women in her childhood, namely her grandmother. Since her passing, Mia wanted to keep her memory alive by recreating the iconic Maltese tiles which used to be in her grandmother’s home. She also paints everything that reminds her of Malta, including the idyllic sea, limestone churches and classic skylines.

Bonnymia has, over the years, become synonymous with unity, family, and togetherness. Her brand has grown internationally and aims to share the good feeling of reminiscing happy times and recreating new memories.

Between painting, running a home and raising two children, Mia also spends time helping other women in need. Along with supporting charities, Mia and her family are currently hosting a young Ukrainian family with a two-year-old who had to flee from war. Her work has recently been recognised, and she represented Malta at a reception with King Charles for the Commonwealth diaspora living in the UK for her contribution to the country’s public and voluntary services.


Mumpreneur Jennifer Zammit – Ole Macrame

Jenny is the mother of two young children, seven-year-old Louie and five-year-old Gemma May. In 2020, during the Covid lockdown, she took advantage of the slower pace of life and returned to her love for crafting.

She taught herself the craft of macrame through numerous online tutorials and through lots of trial and error. A few months later, she founded Ole Macrame, a web-based store selling her handmade home and fashion accessories.

Ole Macrame has given her the flexibility she yearned for during her years of employment and enabled her to be more present with her children. “Being self-employed isn’t easy, and it can be lonely at times, but it has given me the freedom to plan my work around my children’s needs, and I am forever grateful for that privilege.”

She hopes to inspire other women to take the leap and embark on their own entrepreneurial journey through her work. She also wishes to grow the business to a point where she can employ other mothers and give them the same flexibility that she has found, all whilst supporting them to meet their own needs and those of their children.


(Photo Credit: Therese Debono)

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