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Krystle Penza – Owner and Founder MVintage & Sue Caruana – Owner My Time

Entrepreneur Krystle Penza – Owner and Founder of MVintage

Founder and designer Krystle Penza created the brand from a pipe dream into a local household name. Stemming from a passion for art and fashion and the creation of a legacy for her newborn daughter, Krystle developed Mvintage into a community dedicated to the empowerment and support of women. With years of experience in the jewellery industry, she took her fate into her own hands and turned a gamble into a success story.

As a flourishing Maltese brand, Mvintage is built on the foundation of three core values: Women, Family and Fashion. Inextricably linked, these values have paved the direction and success of Mvintage. Now a household name, Mvintage has become a community dedicated to empowering women and imbuing them with the confidence they need to achieve their dreams.

Mvintage jewellery is more than just beautiful designs; each piece is a means of telling a story. Through her collections, Krystle aspires to give women the ability to express their individuality.


Entrepreneur Sue Caruana – Owner of My Time Beauty Clinic

Sue started her business sitting at her dining room table as a way of earning extra money. Sue started doing gel nails because, as a single parent, money was tight, and she needed to make more money and needed a job that gave her more flexibility. Her clientele grew quickly as, in those days, there weren’t many nail technicians, and since she really loved the job, she was great at it. She had spent years in top management positions, but this new job gave her more flexibility and financial stability.

Sue went on to open her first salon when her second child was only two. Sue quickly realised that training other women to become nail technicians was a great way to help them find their independence. Training nail technicians and passing on her skills soon became a big part of her business.

Over the years, Sue has trained many of the top nail technicians in Malta. It was not easy as a single parent to two children running a business whilst raising them alone. Sue admits she made many mistakes along the way, but she learnt from them, and today, she says she is lucky to be in a position to help different non-profit organisations and tries to always help those in need.

Giving back to the community is very important to Sue; she knows exactly what it’s like to hit rock bottom, have no help and have to start from scratch.


(Photo Credit: Therese Debono)

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