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Theresa Bartolo Parnis and Jackie Urpani – Managing Directors Monsoon and Accessorize Malta

Monsoon is a British brand that was born in the early ‘70s. Peter Simon, the founder, set off on travels worldwide and fell in love with creating a unique and exotic clothing brand incorporating elements and inspirations from far-off countries. Strange as it may seem, one of his first stops was Malta, where he exported shaggy Gozo coats dyed psychedelic colours to be sold at Harrods. He then travelled to the Middle and Far East; the rest is history.

Accessorize came along a decade later, a treasure trove of gifts and delights, and the perfect complement to Monsoon clothing in the form of scarves, bags and jewellery, and everything else in between. The first standalone Accessorize store outside the UK was opened in Malta by Theresa and Jackie in 1995 and has been loved by the Maltese and foreign customers ever since. There are now six stores in Malta and one in Gozo.

Theresa and Jackie have worked together in the Retail business for 35 years. They are very different, but this is probably the basis of their success! They love what the brand represents: the bright colours, detail, artisan techniques and the focus on sustainability and fair working conditions for producers of the unique products sold in their stores. They focus on offering beautiful products and excellent customer service through an innovative, forward-thinking team that constantly develops new ideas and keeps the brands fresh.


(Photo Credit: Therese Debono)

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