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Melissa was born on 18 November 1995, in Malta. She was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a brittle bone disease. She makes use of a wheelchair to aid her in being fully independent. Having a disability never stopped Melissa in achieving her goals and dreams.


Melissa works as an audit trainee. At the age of 21 she graduated from the University of Malta with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and banking and finance. She continued furthering her studies and she graduated with a diploma in professional accountancy in 2019. She is a firm believer in life-long learning and thus she is currently reading for an ACCA qualification.


In 2018 she set up a Facebook page and an Instagram account with the aim of providing more representation of people with disabilities on social media and to help break social stigmas that people with disabilities frequently face. She did this through sharing parts of her life and her journey whilst also incorporating her passions. In the same year she was also nominated for the JCI Malta’s Global Goal Awards, in the category for Contribution to Peace and Human Rights.


Melissa enjoys travelling and visiting new and different countries. It was always a big dream of hers to travel on her own and in early 2020 she managed to make her dream come true and went on her first solo trip to London.


Apart from travelling, Melissa is a huge makeup, fashion and beauty enthusiast. She is also a huge advocate against animal cruelty and in 2019 she transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle which turned into a vegan lifestyle in 2020.


(Photo Credit: Therese Debono)

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