Baby Juan's Fund

Baby Juan’s Fund

Baby Juan was born on the 4th of August, earlier this year. Today, in fact, marks two months since he came into this world. On the occasion of this blessing, with a heavy heart, we’d like to share his sad story.

Juan was born with no complications. His parents, Solange and Antoine Magri, were delighted to welcome him into their family, as was his big sister, Hazel, who at five years of age, had been waiting patiently to meet her little brother.

Unfortunately, little did his loving family know that at just 4 weeks of age, little Juan would be diagnosed with ATRT, an extremely rare form of brain tumour. Following this heart-breaking diagnosis, Juan is now terminally ill and being palliatively taken care of by the dedicated staff at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, Mater Dei.

During such hard moments, many kind-hearted people out there might be wondering how they could possibly help alleviate a fraction of this family’s sorrows. Even though sadly nothing can be done to reverse Juan’s condition, every one of you can help this young family financially. Juan’s parents have only one wish left for their son – that of having him cremated to keep his physical presence close to their hearts forever. Unfortunately, Malta does not have a crematorium. Thus, cremation must be done overseas, making this process quite costly.

The Women for Women Foundation, in collaboration with Puttinu Cares and Celebrate Life Malta, have taken the initiative to create a fundraiser as a form of support to family Magri. The aim of this funding is to cover the costs of cremation. Juan’s family appreciate and have embraced our act of love. They would also like to inform the public that should there be any proceedings from this funding, all extra funds will be donated to other parents going through difficult moments. In this way, the memory of Juan might also help ease the pain of other little ones and their families.

Donations can be made via Revolut or BOV Pay on 99374816  or via PayPal by clicking the button below (please write “Baby Juan” in the comment section when donating for this cause).

On behalf of Solange, Antoine, Hazel, and little Juan, we thank you for your kindness.