Christmas Wish women for women

A Child’s Christmas Wish

Many families struggle with daily living expenses, so as you can imagine, buying Christmas gifts for their kids feels like an impossible deed. In previous years through Malta Charity Central we managed to cover all the families and children we were supporting through your generous donations of gifts, hampers and vouchers.

This year we will be doing the same through the foundation by asking for monetary donations to purchase vouchers which will be distributed to the families we support as well as shelters and kids’ homes. We want to give mothers the opportunity to be the ones to pick Christmas gifts for their children. This means that we will not be accepting donated physical toys for this initiative, because the idea is to empower the mum with the required resources to pick Christmas presents for her children- presents she knows her children will love, because she knows them best. This will help strengthen the bond between the mother and her children.

If we manage to collect more than we need it would also be nice to treat the mums of these kids who definitely deserve to feel special.

With your help we can make sure that the kids who are within our reach get to feel the Christmas magic every child should feel, something which most of us take for granted.